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Today's help is tomorrow's future

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  • I'm cold and hungry

    26 May 2013

    When we ask our learners, how they doing, many reply, "Mam, I am feeling a little cold and hungry". Our sincere thanks go out to SALT, who has offered to provide our Du Noon learners with a warm meal every Tuesday and Wednesday. We hope to find another partner that will assist us with meals for our Delft learners too.

  • Proudly South African

    16 May 2013

    We want to challenge all South Africans especially our legends out there, to choose, buy, eat and read Proudly South African. At African Legend, we are Proudly South African.


  • !! Free Extra Classes at the Central Library in Cape Town

    11 Apr 2013

    We now offer FREE extra classes at the Central Library in Cape Town. Come and sign up for a class or get more information at the library’s help desk.

    Join us and discover the exciting world of Maths, Sciences and other subjects. We will help you with your exam preparation, tricky assignments and homework and explain patiently subjects that you might struggle with. Our classes do not exceed 10 students as we want to ensure that we can spend sufficiently time with each student. Our extra classes work in line with the topics that you currently cover at school (based on Western Cape curriculum). But we are also open for suggestions, so feel free to drop us an email or chat to us on our Facebook page.

    Note that we require from all students a once-off R20 administration fee. You will be registered for the class of your choice until the end of 2013.

  • The Independent Code

    02 Apr 2013

    Last week we subscribed to the Independence Code, which means that we are committed to good, transparent governance (trust us, we were already, but sometimes it's nice to have a quality stamp of approval!). 

  • Happy B'day Yamkela

    20 Mar 2013

    Congratulations to Yamkela, one of our students who received a birthday present from her overseas donor. This is just another reason why an international presence is integral to the continued success of African Legend. Happy birthday Yamkela!

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