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Today's help is tomorrow's future


The development and growth of South Africa is in our hands. We can choose to look the other way and hope for the best, or we can team up and make a difference in our country.


Friends of African Legend are assisting in many ways daily. Their involvement includes, but is not limited to:

    • Volunteering as a teacher in our extra class programs. 
    • Volunteering as a soccer or cricket coach. 
    • To accompany groups of students during Educational Excursions.
    • Assisting with project and marketing related initiatives.
    • Networking on behalf of African Legend, introduction the organisation to potential new donors or forging other useful relationships.
    • Fundraise for African Legend on either of the following online fundraising websites Greater GoodBackaBuddy, Doit4Charity, or GivenGain.
    • Advertising African Legend Fundraising events to your existing network.
    • Hosting or arranging élite fundraising events for our organisation.
    • Individuals who do not physically have time to get involved on a regular basis can choose to fund one of our projects with a financial contribution or donation in kind (e.g. school equipment, food, soccer balls). View our wishlist below for currently needed in-kind donations. An Article 18A Tax Certificate will be handed to you for all donations made.


    • Partnering with African Legend means that you are actively contributing to making a difference in our country by educating learners and turning them into well-rounded individuals.
    • By including African Legend as a registered non-profit organisation in your Corporate Social Responsibility budget, you can benefit from your donation. All of African Legend learners are from disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing you full points on your BEE scorecard.
    • Being a Public Benefit Organisation, you will also be provided with an Article 18A tax certificate for all donations made to the organisation.
    • Sponsor our cause or a specific project with either a cash donation or donation in kind (e.g. school equipment, food, soccer balls). View our wishlist below for currently needed in-kind donations.


    • Are you a school that needs help with extra class programmes? or Are you an NGO that is passionately committed to providing educational and skills development programmes for children from poverty-stricken communities in Cape Town? We would love to team up with you. 

Our WISH LIST for 2013 and things we are always in need of.......

We, at African Legend, work constantly towards diversifying our funding streams to ensure sustainability. To meet our operational costs and to sustain and grow our programmes, we rely on government subsidies, funding and sponsorship from the private and corporate sectors, as well as our own fundraising campaigns. 

Project related expensesAdministrative related expenses
Pencils, Exercise Books A5/A4Printing of programmes & promotional material
Beverages and Food for our pupilsOffice facility in Cape Town City Centre
Soccer and cricket equipmentOffice computer
Transport/petrol costStationery, office furniture & equipment
Printing and copying of school materialInternet use
School booksCellphone cost (airtime)
White BoardOther admin costs (PO box, bank a/c etc.) 


Volunteer to help

We are always looking for voluntary teachers that may spare an hour or two on Saturdays or during the week after school, to teach in our grade 8 to grade 12 classes. If you feel more comfortable coaching young kids in soccer or cricket, and you have some time in the evening during the week, please let us know.

Please use the form below to contact us if you are interested in volunteering.