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Today's help is tomorrow's future

African Legend Makes Waves in Delft

10 Jun 2013

Delft is a township on the outskirts of Cape Town. In 2008, Delft made international news, with shocking images of the protest action in the community. It started when the provincial housing department decided to move 6,000 people from the Joe Slovo shack settlement near the airport where tourists could see them, to Delft, 30km away, hidden away from tourists. These families were violently evicted by the police to put down their protest and the Joe Slovo shack dwellers were forcibly removed to Delft.

The 2008 disaster has not stopped this community from growing from strength to strength; today Delft has over 92,000 inhabitants. Sadly, poverty, crime, substandard schools, lack of employment and substance abuse is rife in the community and the youth are faced with the several challenges and often limited opportunities.

In March 2010, African Legend, started working in this community. We believe that individuals are dramatically influenced by their support systems and feel a moral obligation to become an extension of this community, to expand the perspective of the youth in Delft, and make them aware of life's possibilities.

Our sports programmes help to keep the youth off the streets, and is proving to be very successful. Today the “Future Legends Football Club”, competes with various teams around the Peninsula and is growing from strength to strength. “We managed to build trust and confidence in the youth and community through our sports intervention programmes. They were so excited to play against teams from other areas and to see the rest of Cape Town, because some of them have never travelled outside community,” says Katja Steenkamp, Fundraising and Marketing Director at African Legend.

The Future Legends Football Club