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Today's help is tomorrow's future

Christine Rehm shares her amazing journey at African Legend. We thank you, Christine

03 Jun 2013

My name is Christine; I am a 25 year old German student that lived in Cape Town for six months since September 2012, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach Maths to African Legend, Grade 11 learners since September. I came to South Africa to complete an internship in online marketing at “Show Me Cape Town”. It was my first visit to the country but from the first day that I arrived here, I immediately fell in love with the country. I love the beautiful scenery and the friendly people, but I could not help but notice, that there are many problems in the country, due to a lack of education for learners. This is my story at African Legend.

I met Delphin Maloba, the founder of African Legend, by chance and he told me about African Legend and that they were looking for volunteer teachers to teach extra classes at schools in the city. Even though there were only a few weeks left before I needed to return to Germany, I decided to help because, “Today’s help is tomorrow’s future,” - meaning today you may get the chance to change your future and to make your dreams a reality, and that’s exactly what I managed to achieve.

Having studied in Germany, where I completed high school, gained work experience and started studying marketing , my dream was to eventually do my internship in South Africa, and after a lot of  hard work, where I had to take on a second job whilst studying full-time, I was able to come to South Africa. It’s true, if you work hard you can reach your goals and dreams do come true. I believe that education is the key to this; and this is the same all over the world.

I started volunteering at African Legend, Du Noon and got to know the learners and all the friendly people really well. I had never been to the township before, so everything was new and interesting. The classes took place in simple, yet colourfully painted containers. Simple equipment like blackboards were missing, but everybody seemed happy. The following week I started to teach Maths classes to Grade 11 learners. I taught Maths classes in Germany a few years before, but teaching in English was a big challenge for me, as I am not a native English speaker, and I did not know any of the English Maths vocabulary and I had forgotten most of the Maths work, I had studied at school. However, I liked the people and the country, so I tried my very best and studied Maths in the evenings after work with an English textbook to refresh my knowledge and be prepared for the learners.

Finally, I learnt that no exercise was impossible to do, as Paul, another volunteer teacher at African Legend and learners always came forward to help whenever I got stuck with something. We were one big community; like a family and I really enjoyed my time spent volunteering! Good luck with all your future exercises and exams and make your dreams come true!

Christine has been a true legend, she has managed to touch the lives of our learners and our team.  She epitomises our motto, Today's help is tomorrows future". As they say in German, Christine,  "Halten Sie glänzen", meaning "Keep Shining".