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Today's help is tomorrow's future


African Legend, a registered non-profit organisation, is  run by passionate individuals who are determined to improve South Africa’s socio-economic situation by offering educational and skills development programs for children from previously disadvantage areas. We fulfill our programme through: 

  • Extensive extra classes: Learners in grade 8 to grade 12 from different schools and areas join us for two extra classes per week to be assisted with their homework and to practice for exam papers. Extra classes are typically held Saturday morning and during the week after school, depending on the availability of teachers and facilities.  
  • Maths & Physics Experiments: We provide practical, hands-on Physics and Maths’ Experiments to stimulate the interest in sciences and demonstrate applied theory. All experiments are developed in line with learners’ needs and respective grade levels. 
  • NEW! Educational Excursions: We organise visits to science centres, museums and businesses in different industries to allow pupils to see the application of school subjects in real life. 
  • Sport Program: We see sport as a fertile ground to stimulate social interaction between youth, to build teamwork skills and self-confidence, and to provide an environment where positive values can flourish.
  • Youth Festival: Together with NGOs in Muizenberg and Du Noon, we organise youth festivals where young people perform and present learned poetry, music, and dance skills.

All our activities are realised in partnership with schools, NGOs and communities, and currently include:

  • Central Library, Cape Town City Centre – Extra Classes since March 2013
  • Delft Community, Technical High School Delft - Extra Classes since March 2013
  • Delft Community – Soccer training and tournaments since March 2010; since 2013 realised in joined partnership with NGO 1City
  • Du Noon Community - Extra Classes and Youth Festival realised in joined partnership with community NGO Zusakhe since February 2010